How to create parametric geometry in a family through Grasshopper Rhino Inside Components?

How to create parametric geometry in a family with adjustable positioning and dimensions in the properties from Rhino inside components from Grasshopper?

This is quite a complex problem. At the moment GH can create parametric geometry and create new Revit families with that geometry. GH doesn’t have a way to create parametric constrains on the generated geometry in Revit.


Tank you for this answer!

So, if I get it correctly, for now I can not create a windows parametric family via Rhino + Gh Inside revit.
I can just create a window family without the possibility to change dimensional or other parameters.


I am trying to make a window family with Rhino.Inside, I didn’t figure it out yet.

Create the basic shapes with Rhino-Inside then with a C# node access to Revit APIs through the Rhino-inside APIs and then with a manual transaction, you can add parameters to the created object. It’s a bit of working around it using the APIs programming in C#.

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