How to create new lists sorted by indices of original lists?

I feel like this is likely a very simple operation, but I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what component to use and how to do it. I have a set of curves that I have divided which results in one list of points per curve. I want to take the first item from each list of points and put that in it’s own list, and then the second item and put it in it’s own list, and so on. See drawing below for clarification:

If your data tree has a branch depth of only 1, I believe you can use Flip Matrix. Otherwise it’s the Path Mapper

Volker’s answer is absolutely correct, and I would advice to have a look at these videos:

the above is a brief masterclass on data management, not only it will give you the very basic weapons to use with data trees, but you will also hear that from the voice of the very creator of GH David Rutten

this last one is also a super nice video about data trees, Andrew Heumann will make you laugh, then will make you cry, and finally will make you understand :+1: