How to create macro to Convert any suface to patched surface

i want convert any suface maked by sweep2 or network surface to surface maked by patch and trimed

i make it by
1-extract wireframe
3- trim
4- delete old surface and wireframe

i want script to do it

you want?

maybe you don’t know the language well, but you should ask in a more polite way.
are you ready to pay for the developing time costs?

Thank you in this forum Many people helped me learn for free
for the second time Thank you

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I will definitely respond to someone more simple and I will learn from him and I will be thankful to him and i will forget your message


Thank you very much for valuable information I will definitely benefit from. Thank you for your respect

can you explain what you would need that for? whats the advantage using trimmed patches to untrimmed surfaces? before somebody is kind enough to spell you some magic maybe its worth thinking about it once more.

that still does not explain why you need patched surfaces. but probably you could write a quick macro without trying to script something.

l don’t know how writing macro
i want to learn how and test this in my example

creating macros wiki

here a quick youtube tutorial, not sure about the quality, maybe good enough to get you into it.

you basically just have to line up all the commands you need and implement also all buttons you press for enter for example or choices you make. its not very difficult, but i dont have much experience to lecture on that. i guess it should not be very difficult to get into it.

dont forget thinking about why you need patches. if you communicate that maybe somebody has a different suggestion. its alway good to share as much knowledge from your side as possible. the briefer your communicaton the more misunderstandings you harvest, which then again from the helpers point of view is not very comforting and also does not help you very well.

thanks very much

The question remains, WHY? Patch is a terrible tool to be used with extreme caution in very particular circumstances. What are you doing with this?

i used group tools to escaped using smash tool