How to create layers of square grids among closed curves?

Hello everyone! I was trying to create columns among the grids that sits inside those curves. However the grid isnt located as I wished. Could anyone help with this ;w; Many thanks!

If you send your file I could have a look on it. As I understood you want to make all the grid exactly between the 2 rectangle lines and put a column on each grid

send you file I will help you on it

Thank you Alex! My friend helped my with this step. But I’m having new problem with placing columns at each floor>,< (13.7 KB)
grshper.3dm (3.4 MB)
Please refer to the attached documents.

Is this T shaped geometry your building and if it is how many floors do you have?
do you want to scatter different boxes inside this T shaped geometry and then counter all of them?

Thank you for asking!

Is this red volume~
I haven’t deciede how many floors to have, but it is controlled by the number of contour lines.
I wish to put column grids on each “floor” of this volumn~

And here are the points that I wish to put columns at>< (but not at the edge of the curve)

For this task it is better to use populate 3d component.

Here is the process I have followed in the algorithm:

  1. I used Pop3D component to generate random points
  2. Use the Point in Brep component to make a list of True/False to see which one of the generated points are inside the boundary
  3. Filtered the points inside the Boundary with the Dispatch component
  4. Use the OCT and SDIFF component

you could use the count slider to increase and decrease the number of point how ever remember that this is not the final number of point (because some of them are outside the boundary)

you could also use the seed slider to generate different sets of random points

populate (12.9 KB)