How to create knittable surface from hexagons (lunchbox)

Hi all,
I’m completely new to grasshopper, and struggling to create some usable surfaces from curves. I have used Lunchbox to generate a hexagonal pattern of curves on a surface, and was hoping I could patch the cells into surfaces, and then join those surfaces together. But as it seems, patch isn’t create surfaces that share edges, so I can’t join them. I’ve seen this question pop up a few years ago, and the solution was to use kangaroo to make the surfaces planar, and then knit them, but kangaroo seems completely different now and I couldn’t follow along. I don’t actually need planar surfaces, they can have some slight curvature, I just need to be able to eventually join them into an enclosed solid.

Any tips on how to do this? I can’t seem to find a command that builds a non-planar surface out of the lunchbox cells either if that was an option.

Here’s my pretty simple tree, and my resulting issue:

Please upload your GH file with internalize data. (70.4 KB)

EDIT: It seems cranking the flexibility of the patch command waay up has allowed me to knit the surfaces together.