How to create hexagon shape surface with crown

hi all,
we all know that we can get surface with four edges, and we can control cv movement to give more or less crown. however, if we need to get 5 or 6 edge surface, how can we keep dege to get surface?

something like RENAUT conception car, Renault Trezor Concept, front part.
here is 3d data that i want to get through GH
RENAUT-1.stp (19.6 MB)

here is reference picture from WB

Mesh Crease Edge V0 .gh (33.6 KB)
Warning: Tons of plugins ahead…

No Plugin version:
Mesh Crease Edge V0 NO PLUGIN .gh (75.7 KB)

Way of creasing a Subd:

Have no idea why this method can crease a subd:
you unweld the edges of a mesh, yet the result is one piece and creased, why?

Mesh.UnweldEdge(edgeindices, true);
A = Mesh;

Unwelded doesn’t mean unjoined.

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woo, that will take me long long time to study this proposal. thank you first.

Thank you very much!
I found RhinoCommon explains it well.

Adds creases to a smooth mesh by creating coincident vertices along selected edges.

Mesh.UnweldEdge method (

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