How to create groove & lip feature for small housing shell parts?

Hi everyone,
I am new to Rhino and would like to make a small housing.
I would like to know how I approach the lip and groove creation for making enclosures with a guided fit ?
I am able to make the outside shape and then create the two shells, but is there an easy way for the lip/groove as in ProE or SolidW?

I found this tutorial for SolidWo … is there a good alternative in Rhino?

Thank you for any help

I didn’t see the tutorial you mention, but in both sw and Creo you can do this 2 features using sweep.
The same in Rhino, sweep1r, create the lip shape, do the sweep and use the boolean operation to add it to one side and remove it onto the other side. ( like sw and creo).
Hope this help you.

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thanks a bunch : )

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Here is a video tutorial, for others looking for a process of modeling lip and groove using Rhino