How to create gap in a model between differente surface

Hello i have to always create gap between surface i’m looking for a way to do it in the more efficient way for esthetical reason but alsi because nothing is perfect in real life too you always have this spare space ! How would you do ? Thanks in advance !!!

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difficult to see since all things you show here have a slight gap. or is that a reference image?

in edges like in wall corner etc the lighting would take care of that due to being naturally omitted, something which ambient occlusion kind of fakes.

in geometry touching other surfaces i always see to it that the edges have a slight rounding/fillet/chamfer of some sort, you can also just make a bit of a distance… if that is what you mean.

then there is also edge softening under the property panels, which only creates a soft edge for rendering purposes.

but naturally one would measure the room exactly then build in the furniture and stuff which joins nicely with surfaces just look flatter by nature. and other things have a natural tolerance, so if you create a model with tolerance settings then there is nothing more you would have to do anyway.

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Hi Julien - Perhaps you mean Shutlines?


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