How to create floor with opening ? issue with ReconstructElementComponent

We are trying to create a floor with an opening(hole). We created our won component which does the job and it inherits from RhinoInside ReconstructElementComponent class. The component works fine when no holes/opening added (only external boundary). However, with holes, it does not work.

When we create new opening/holes (Document.Create.NewOpening Revit API method) it creates openings however there error message when transaction committed. We found exactly this example documented on RevitAPI see link below.

Is there any way we can control transaction in ReconstructElementComponent or can you please advise from which class we should inherit to accomplish that?

@kike, ok we used


and we manage to solve it and create a floor with holes

Cool!! :ok_hand:
I take note.

@kike @michaldengusiak Hello ya’ll. Can this be added as a component?

Current Add Floor component uses curveloops to create floors so it creates floors with openings.