How to create custom InstanceObject , inherited from InstanceObject Class

Hi, everybody.

I want to use custom InstanceObject, but Rhino.DocObjects.Custom can not find CustomInstanceObject.
so I want to create a class which inherit from Instance Object as follows:

public class CustomInstanceObject : Rhino.DocObjects.InstanceObject
    public CustomInstanceObject()
    protected override void OnDraw(Rhino.Display.DrawEventArgs e)

but it’s error exist: CustomInstanceObject() does not contain a constructor that takes ‘number’ arguments.

I can’t find how to define CustomInstanceObject(), so does anydbody tell me how to define it?
Thank you,guys.

Hi @ddseven_2000 ,
You are getting the error because InstanceObject class does not have a parameterless constructor. It has a constructor (or constructors) that take some parameters, but they are private (or internal), so you cannot know what parameters they require. Which means you cannot inherit from InstanceObject class

Hi @Darryl_Menezes ;
Thank you very much, I get. Maybe I need to find another way.
By the way, InstanceObject 's ShortDescript() return a string ,it describe a localized short descriptive name for the object, how to change it??