How to create and position a hole at a non planar surface

Hi I try to find out how I create a 16mm circle or hole oriented perpendicular on a non planar surface. Is there a way to create it, lets say as the example I show bellow? I have draw a line where I want to have the centre off the hole/circle.
A.3dm (2.7 MB)

Since the surface is planar, probably changing the Perspective view construction plane using the Cplane command and either the Object or 3-point option to match it to the surface will be the easiest.

There are other options too.

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Thank you so! Exactly that I needed, and found out how to use to namedcplanes.Are there alternatives ways? I use orient or the one view on planar surfaces but on non planar?

Thank you so again

Hello- if you need the line, then Line > Normal, then Circle > Around curve may be what you need.


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Oh that was new for me. Both cplane and line normal workflow are so useful.
Thanks for the help!!!