How to create a wave from tetrahedrons?

I’m trying to create a wave made of tetrahedrons (correct name?) like in the following picture:

I created a wavy surface and thanks to the Rebuild / PointsOn / ExtrudeCrvToPoint functions I got some results, but the process is extremely long for larger scale models. Any suggestion on how to reproduce this effect? (no Grasshopper based idea please)

Meshes are much faster in terms of computation rather than Nurbs.

Yes, CageEdit with a mesh is probably the easiest way to achieve this.

Make one pyramid (create 4 faces using Polygon Mesh Primitive>3D face then join them)

Make a rectangular array of them

CageEdit, with the bounding box as the cage, with only 1 division in Z, and 4 or 5 divisions in X and Y.

Move the top points of this cage around to edit the shape:

Thanks Daniel for this quick tutorial, it helped a lot! CageEdit on meshes was definitely the way to go, it worked like a charm.

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