How to create a Smart Point a certain distance away from another Smart Point?

Hi there!

From what I know I can use Smart Track to start a line (or whatever else) a certain distance from a smart point by typing in a distance when the label appears:

I also know that I can create additional smart points pressing control:

What I wish to know is how to create a smart point a certain distance from another the same way I start a line. If I type down the distance and then press control the smart point is position wherever my mouse is not at the distance that I typed.

Attemting to create a Smart Point a certain distance from another:

Thank you for the help!

Hello - use the From one-shot OSnap - set the base point for From and then type in your distance constraint - hold Ctrl down to mark a smart point.


Thank you Pascal!

I have been trying this solution but I still cannot make the control point appear in the set distance.