How to create a singular Surface ( Network ) from a Mesh, with variable density in some areas?

How guys!
I need to create a singular surface which is able to change its density of isocurves just in specific areas. I tried using a curve network which is quite ok.

this is the method i used with Surface Network

anyway it give the problem regarding the sorting direction, which i have to do manually , and for a big collection of curves doen`t work. I could see if there is a way to sort the curves in python, but anyway I am looking for something more elegant which could also give me full editability in rhino.

Ideally something like this where the density of definition vary just in certain areas, more or less like this:

maybe Subd could work, but I am looking for the best possible result to match the original mesh, and surface network gave me the best results.

there must be some methods, but I cannot figure it out. Any suggestion could work at this stage for me : manual, gh or python…

any suggestion?