How to create a single organic surface (retain surface UV-texture)

Hey guys, I want to create a sail with artwork as you see, but to unfold it I have to retain on single piece due to the UV-texture which should be surface-mapped.
Right after I will cut it in several pieces along the curves.

The tricky part is, that due to the sail construction the 8 subpatches have only position continuity to each other and the both patches left and right at the bottom are absolutely not easy to create with curve network due to the existing spreading inner curves. As you can see from the 2nd image there could be a deviation of the curves to the single surface of 40mm (which is high)

  1. Is there a way to construct a rather precise single surface taking respect of all the existing curves (something like developable surface trough all curves or extracted points?

  2. or is there a trick how to use curve network the smart way to achieve this.

Hi Hannes,

Is this for rendering purposes only?

There is an option to set a cutom mapping on an objects:

If you choose the duck(custom mapping) and pick the single surface as source you can get the mapping onto the polysurface.

If this needs to be for production I have a working workflow, yet it involves some more typing and time is short atm, just let me know is you need more info.


Thanks for the info, but it slows everything totally down. I want to use ExactFlat on it and unfold all pieces via EF. Maybe there is a way to get this working via some curve network hack :slight_smile: