How to create a rotating mesh with grasshopper for population?

I have a project for parametric architecture. I created a module using sketchup and then prepared a mesh using paracloud gem and then populated it on gem too. I need a similar mesh in grasshopper. Can you help me make one? I have been struggling for weeks and the deadline is today. Thanks in advance!

Kindly find the image attached. I need a final result like that and it has to be a module populated on a surface, not a brick wall rotated like that.

in advance.

Read it please.

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As I mentioned already, I tried multiple times and I have been trying for weeks but couldn’t succeed. I didn’t feel it’s necessary to share the failed attempts but if that’s required then sure.
P.s. There are subtle ways to deliver what you wanna say. I’d have appreciated it better had it come in the form of an advice and not a critique. Anyways, thanks.

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Excuse me, let me rephrase it:
To get the help you want, I would recommend you to read it. As you may have already noticed, nobody has helped you yet, this could be one possible reason. You have been trying for weeks and want a solution within one day without providing as much information as you have. Don‘t take this as a critique, I feel really sorry for you, not getting the help for the deadline and hope this helps you in the future. Most important advice: ask earlier for help.

And thanks, you are right, I should have written my first comment differently.

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I understand better now. I’ll keep this in mind next time.
Thanks for taking it positively. Much obliged. :slight_smile:

Also, here’s what I ended up with. I know it ain’t supposed to be done like this but I am kinda out of options. Any help would be hugely appreciated.