How to create a random plane from the center of the brep that can split the brep in half?

Please help, thanks!

took as much effort, as you took to create the topic :smiley:

split (6.0 KB)

Hi Tim, well done for the effort. Just for the fun, as your plane was not random :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:,

Here a random orientation of plane passing through the center of mass of the Brep. I think there is a component for random orientation in Pufferfish and Heteroptera I use a trick with a Populate Geometry on a sphere.
split brep (11.3 KB)


Thanks Laurent :smiley:
nice solution btw. :slight_smile:

And still just for the fun a random cutter. I am sure it was done 1000 times but was cool to test.

random (16.6 KB)


I don’t have any random orientation. But I do have a trim surface with plane.

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