How to create a popup panel like popuptoolbar?

Does anybody know how to create a popup panel like popuptoolbar?
I want to popup a panel to show something , but it’s inefficiency to close it every time.

Hi @JustinZ,

I don’t believe this is something you can to programmatically with Rhino’s toolbars. @johnm, correct me if I’m wrong.

– Dale

Thank you very much @dale.

I checked the current SDK and Dale is correct, there is no current SDK function to pop-up a toolbar.

Hi @JustinZ, if you have an existing Rhino toolbar, have you tried to script the command PopUpToolBar followed by the toolbar name ?

Alternatively, if you know how to create an Eto.Forms.Dialog, you could get the mouse position and open the dialog at this location. If you set the WindowStyle of your dialog to Eto.Forms.WindowStyle.None you could make it appear like a toolbar. You then need to close the dialog once one of the buttons is clicked or if nothing was clicked. @dale posted a cool example here which shows a row of toolbar buttons in a dialog.