How to create a point on brep

Hi guys,

I have a brep with single or multi faces, I need to create a single point which should be on the brep surface. The point can’t be on any vertex or any edges. The point should be roughly in the center of the brep. Can I do that?

Thank you.

Run a curve/line through the spot you want, and use the Intersect command.

You could also use Project command. This might/will create a point through any part of the brep that intersects to projection direction.

You could extract an isocurve on the brep surface and place a point using the Near OSnap.

You can use the EvaluateUVPt command and place the point directly.

For the center of a single face, extract the middle isocurves in both directions and place a point at the intersection.

I also see that you tagged this in Rhino Developer and that my recommendations are for Rhino. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

thank you.