How to create a point at a measured distance along a curve at either end?

I need to create an individual point at measured locations along various curves, so when they are fabricated, the points will line up. Say on one curve I need it 148mm in from the end, Then the same on another curve.

I’m only on Rhino 4 at the moment too.



arraycrv might help.

create a point at the end of your curve,
sellect the point
sellect the curve
in dialog box sellect “distance between items” and if your rhino file units are in mm. type “148” if cm. then type "14.8"
click OK
this will create copies of the point in every 148 mm so you will have lots of points. Delete the unnecessary ones.

hope this helps

Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

You could try the following script… Pick near the end of the curve from which you want to have the point and enter the distance. --Mitch

(script is not drag and drop)

PointDistFromCrvEnd.rvb (1.0 KB)

Thanks Helvetosaur. That works perfectly!

To use it I’m clicking it in the Rhinoscript Load box. How can I turn it into a toolbar button for quick access?


Open the .rvb in a text editor, select all the text and Ctrl+C

Create a new toolbar button, open the editor
In the macro box, type the following:

! _NoEcho -_Runscript (

<paste the entire script in here>


Finish your button with text, tooltip, image, etc. and OK.

HTH, --Mitch

That’s great. Thanks!

disregard my post here - mistake made, but can’t delete my post


! SubCrv Copy=Yes Pause Pause Pause CrvEnd CrvStart Delete