How to create a lightweight HUD to display information in the 3d viewport

I’m trying to write a script that displays information about the objects directly in the viewport. Is there a lightweight way to create such a Heads-Up-Display? Listing information in ListBox/Eto forms can only go this far - ideally there would be a way to display strings of text on top of objects in the viewport.

I’d rather not create new objects - information is only meant to be read, not edited.

I’ve considered using grasshopperPlayer, after all grasshopper creates this type of “virtual” object. However, I’m trying to avoid loading grasshopper unless complex geometry comes into play (it may take a while, especially with all the plugins - please correct me if I’m wrong and there’s a way to load grasshopperPlayer scripts at a speed comparable to Python).

You might have a look at @lando.schumpich 's scaleoverlay on his github

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Thanks, Im new to c#, but I will take a look. It looks very interesting.