How to create a fillet Edge at the point of a pyramid

I have a Pyramid object ( see attached example ) that I want to fillet the edges on, along with the top point on the pyramid.

I’m somewhat flexible on the radius, but I’m hoping to have aprx .06" radius

I’m able to do this on the bottom edges, but since this object has such a sharp point it’s not letting me create a rounded point.

Any suggestions on how to create a rounded point Pyramid?


KentSample.3dm (42.1 KB)

I haven’t looked at the file but my guess is that if you run fillet edge on all edges at once instead of one at a time, it will work.

Wow… You are absolutely correct…

It turns out to be an “Operator Error” Ha…Ha…

Since it was a triangle I had “3” sides in my head and only selected the 3 edges… once I selected all 4 edges it worked like a charm…