How to create a curve mesh in a site like this?

Hi, does anyone knows how to make curve mesh like this in the given site and can control the number of UV count at the same time?

Figure from Jingdezhen Masterplan Simulation - YouTube

Site.3dm (197.9 KB)

Are you looking for something like the image below?
I used PanelingTools to create the new mesh (10.0 KB)

Thanks for the answer, Rajaa. It is something like this, but l am wondering how to fit the grid into an irregularity site also?

The solution should apply to any surface even if it is not planar. Is this what you need?

I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.
Abraham Maslow

I think l make a wrong explanation, l mean how can l apply the method to an irregularity(polyline) boundary? Thanks, Rajaa.

Can you share the surface you have and sketch the result you need?

Sure, Rajaa.

Boundary.3dm (64.2 KB)

does that apply to quotes being reused either?

@jacksoo.1995 I modified the script. See if this helps (32.8 KB)


@rajaa So appreciate for your help, Rajaa. It is what l am looking for. Thanks!!!