How to create a contoured rock wall


I am trying to create a wall made out of stone that has a chiselled effect through contours. Here is a reference image, the effect I want to achieve is shown on the back wall.


I have made an attempt but haven’t got very far, I used the Point Charge and Field Line command in order to achieve different directions and widths between each contour. But I am now unsure of how to progress.

Grasshopper Script: (11.0 KB)

FWIW this looks like a DEM that’s been sliced up - I am new to Grasshopper but imagine you could use a grayscale height map to create geometry, and divide it vertically into sections (or rotate everything horizontally, if it’s on a wall).

That said, I think to get this effect is a matter of figuring out how to program natural erosion, which is a pretty big task to get this type of realistic geologic form.

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Do you have an idea on how to make the rock wall, I understand achieving the erosion part maybe problematic.


does simple slicing look too much simplistic? (14.3 KB)


Thank you for the attempt, it’s further than I personally got and is a start. But unfortunately, it does look too simple compared to the image reference.

Hi Adam - sorry, just saw your response.
For what they’re showing, you’ll need to find a source for 3d topography data (perhaps NASA SRTM) but you may need to set up an account.

You could also use Heightfield - this is probably much easier and you can find or make a grayscale terrain (see below)

Again, I don’t have much experience with Grasshopper yet, but assume you would cap the Heightfield (seals the bottom) and then generate a number of slices through it, possibly with boolean intersections.(next image)

That slice then has two faces that could be extruded to create the “sliced” layers. (Bottom image)

I’m sure there’s a way to automate this…

Obviously, the more points used to create the terrain, and the greater number of sections, the better the result… and of course the more horsepower you may need… :slight_smile: