How to create a Container with a rim lip top?

Hi Im trying to create a container, which is split in half and one half has an inner lip the then sits inside the other half, i hope that makes sense? the goal being to 3d print the piece. I can figure out a small amount of the work flow but i am struggling with the principals of this rim lip. also bonus points if anyone can help with doing this as a wobbly line like in the drawing. apologies i haven’t used rhino in about 2 years and and the mac version has changed since i last used it.
thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hello see the attached file for one way - there is a cylindrical container that uses RailRevolve of a polyline (edge profile) and an example of a more arbitrary shape, on its own layer.

Edge.3dm (2.1 MB)


Hi that’s great thank you for the examples.
So just so I understand, the profile included the rim lip at the top and then you rail revolved the profile around a circle that you altered the point of (manually?)
And then offset for thickness. If I’m not wrong so far. How did you created a perfect fitting top to it?
Also if I wanted to say have a cylinder that split at 2 points and at the top split was a wobbly line like you did and The bottom split line was a different style line how would I do that? Would it be sweep2rails?

Thank again

On the round version, yes, correct. The result of RailRevolve is duplicated (Copy > InPlace) and then into and joined to the inner and outer cylinders which have been Split with the edges.


Hi Ive been working on my model, and I have been trying for ages to get the profile right to achieve the same as you. I just keep getting this lip on the inside (top right in image). which makes sense for the profile I have been using but I can’t figure out the right one, which is just a smooth inside with one wall like you produced, have you got any tips to get the profile right?

I attached an image of the profile i have been using, and also a sketch of what I’m trying to do. is there any chance you could explain the steps? , apologies if I’m not getting it from what you’ve already written, thank you again for your help. :slight_smile:

Hi any further advise you can provide to avoid getting that inner lip, would be very helpful, I’ve been trying for hours and I can get close by exploding and offsetting things but they don’t rejoin, so can you perhaps recommend anything?

bottom left of the image is the mid section which is the correct shape, however I have that annoying ledge, which is displayed top right.

and have no idea how to adjoin the top and bottom sections to the centre piece…been getting there slowly though ha :blush: