How to creat curves between point to point like the link between components?

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a diagram likes this picture, connect points to one point with curves, I found that the links between components in GH looks so great. I tried some ways to imitate these curves, but it always looks too rigid. I dont know how to bake link curves like this picture. Can anyone help?

Im pretty sure it is a Bezier Span. I dunno what tangent length David uses for GH wires exactly. (5.9 KB) (8.1 KB)

Same thing with BiArc (below) but I can’t explain why the first and last points on the left don’t connect to all of the points on the right?

Or why it’s necessary to reverse the ‘Bt’ (End Tangent) on BzSpan but not BiArc? (8.3 KB)