How to cover the area accurately

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How to cover the area accurately…I Have a vault shaped that i attached it.How can i cover specific area (offset areas)…Please guide me…
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Hi - could you please post those curves in a 3dm file? It looks like you are basically trying to get a part of a perfectly cylindrical surface.

Hi…I have a vault shaped that i attached it…This is sketchup view…This is how to gets into in Rhino…(To cover the area accurately -offset area’s ).

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Hello - to use Patch, you will need to connect all the lines/curves that form the perimeter of your shape and use that to Trim the patch surface. Please post a Rhino file with the curves.


Hii…please find the attached Rhino file drawing video for your reference…please clarify and guide me…

Thank you…

Hello - please post a Rhino file.


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Rhino file for your reference…please guide me…

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spencer.3dm (179 KB)

Hello - use these curves:

to Trim the surface.
Any luck?

please kindly upload a video and explain to me sir…

Hello - please see