How to copy sublayers name in Rhino

I would like to copy the sublayers name into another layer. Could you please tell me how can I do that?

Hi! Select a layer > F2 to rename (or click on it a second time) > CTRL-C to copy > select the other layer > F2 > CTRL-V to paste. Do this one-by-one. Standard windows procedure, right?

Hi, It would take a long time for 100 Frames or more frames. I was looking for an alternative way, actually.

If you right click on a top-level layer, you can choose “Duplicate layers” (don’t choose "Duplicate layers and objects). You will get a copy of the top level layer and underneath it the entire sublayer tree - all layers will be empty. Select all of the sublayers (the entire tree except for the top level layer copy) and drag and drop them under the top level layer where you went them to be. Then delete the copy of the first top level layer. Done.

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