How to copy shutlining?

Hello everyone,

I have the following problem : when i copy an object that had shutlining, the shutlining effect is not copied. I need to recreate it from scratch on the new object. The copyproperties command doesnt do anything. Any idea?


That’s a good point.

MatchProperties sort of worked for me, so ensure Shutlining is ticked and whatever other props you do/don’t want matching. Although I’ve got to say the result is a bit weird, I guess it just works a lot better with curves on a surface rather than implied projection/pulling.

basic_shutline_matchprops.3dm (94.3 KB)

I don’t have any idea how ShutLining works under the hood but looks like it’s probably quite particular. For any devs, has there ever been a desire to use a projected method for shutlining?

I did a really simple test and got the jagged result for the matchedproperties - if the duplicate was too close then it couldn’t even calculate a result which seemed counterintuitive.

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Shutlining modifies the render mesh of a selected object.
When you copy the object, the new object get’s its own render mesh so the MatchProperties approach is valid.

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What do you make of the jagged example?

This not a command I ever use or know much about.
I’m a bit confused as to why you @mentioned me in your question.

I did project the curve onto the surfaces, then used it and got a much better looking result.
I understood the curve needed to be on the surface but the Help file doesn’t explicitly say so.
Maybe be try that.

The Help file doesn’t have anything helpful in this case either, and I can’t find anything odd about the file.
I think @andy or one of the McFinland crew will need to look at it.

I just replied to the latest post, I thought - maybe the @mention has been edited out. And yeah for sure it works a lot better with a Cuvre on a Surface rather than implied from orthographic views.

This is an aside to the original question but, I noticed, in looking at this, that pulling a curve first, then applying shutlining is cleaner then letting the ‘Pull curve to objects’ setting do that…dunno why, or whether it should be like that, but:
RH-58210 Shutline Pulled curve works better


It’s not a command I use much but yeah a couple of behaviours seemed odd. It seemed counter intuitive to me that the shutline failed on the MatchProperties surface which was in fact closer to the curve. Moving further from the curve, and you get the jagged result.