How to convert x,y,z coordinated to UV valuess

Hi I’m new to this so let me know if this is not the right spot.
How do I convert world x and y coordinates into the U and V values of a surface? I currently have a list of points with their x and y values extracted and i wanted to know what was the corresponding z values of the points on the surface. I was wondering if I could use the evaluate surface component but that needs UV values not world coordinates.

If you’re working with Grasshopper, it is the right spot :smile:

What is also possible is to create lines from the (x,y) points in the (0,0,1) direction that intersect your surface. Then find the points of intersection and their Z-coordinate.

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Project Point may be of use here.

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The [Surface Closest Point] component returns the UV coordinates.

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THANKYOU!! That was exactly what I was looking for :smile: