How to convert the data type of non-consecutive “HOY” to “Period” in ladybug?


I have an urgent maths issue, hoping someone can help me.

I want to select the daytime data only from the day and night data throughout the wintertime period (6 Nov to 4 Feb, HOY = 7416~839, total 2184 hours). The sun path component will help me to identify the daytime HOY , giving 851 hours of daytime HOY output .

HOWEVER, there is no HOY input in the Apply Analysis Period component, but the Period input.

Does anyone know how to convert HOY to Period? (386.5 KB)

It is a complicated LIST PARTITION issue.

Thanks so much!

Hi @kyle090471,

You’ll probably have quicker success, asking this over at the dedicated Ladybug Tools fourm:

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