How to convert parameter space curve to on-surface curve

Is this possible? I want to evaluate straight-line (or 2D bezier) curves to curves along surface.

  double d00, d01, d10, d11;
  brep.Face(0)->GetDomain(0, &d00, &d01);
  brep.Face(0)->GetDomain(1, &d10, &d11);
  auto linearCurve = new ON_LineCurve(ON_2dPoint(d00, d10), ON_2dPoint(d01, d11));

  doc.AddCurveObject(somehowConvertToSurface(linearCurve, brep.Face(0))); //???

Hi @gccdragoonkain,

No knowing exactly what you want, I’d first point you to RhinoPullCurveToFace. See rhinoSdkUtilities.h for more details.

There is also ON_Surface::Pushup, which compute a 3d curve that is the composite of a 2d curve and the surface map.

– Dale