How to convert line-like curve into polyline curve

Is there any way of automating a conversion of line-like curves in Rhino to polyline curves? It seems that the line-like curves can’t be detected as input of the component Boundary Surface, which I need it for transferring curves into surfaces.

Thanks in advance

A ‘Line-like Curve’ means that your geometry is a line. Thus, not a closed curve, so you can not create a surface from it.
Where do your building curves come from?

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Thanks for answering me.
The building curves are originally drawn in AutoCAD. The attributes in AutoCAD of the buildings were all converted into polylines. After importing into Rhino, some curves become “Line-like Curve” while most of them still remain as polyline curves.

Thank you! Sorry that I didn’t notice the category.

Hi @ttapwwaetr ,
I would advice you to generate the building curves with the use of Gismo plugin instead.
Install it here. Download this example file, and change the latitude, longitude coordinates for your location. It will created closed building curves.

As far as i understand:
a line-like-curve has a start-point and an end-point.
a Polyline has serveral (linear) segments.
a Polyline with one segment is a “line like curve”

so maybe just manually clean up your data after import ? (in the standard rhino-modelling environment, not grasshopper)
_selChain (continuety position)
_curveBoolean (maybe: allregions, combine regions = no)
are your friends…

hope that helps - kind regards -tom