How to convert boxmorph to one single NURBS

hi everybody
This is the algorithm I have, the final model has 120 polysurfaces but I want to convert the final model to one single NURB for analysis by ABACUS. please let me know if possible.

khati (42.3 KB)

Hi -

That is not possible, no. A single NURBS surface is like a single sheet of paper. You cannot build your model with a single sheet of paper.


In case you want one closed polysurface instead of your 120 closed polysurfaces, I created a boolean union for you. I first booled the parts on each level and then all the levels. Had to delete two inner surfaces and the part is now closed and has no naked or non-manifold edges.

khati final.3dm (9.0 MB)

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To expand on Wim’s explanation a single NURBS surface is like a four sided sheet of rubber which you can distort. You can also ignore part or parts of the rubber sheet by using a trimmed surface.


many thanks martin

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