How to convert a series of many points on a seies of 4 points (807.5 KB) Hi, I’m new here. I’m trying to put a pattern of circles on a surface usign the Image Sampler set on bightness. My problem is that the circles that comes out are all with a different radius because every point of my image has a different bightness value. I’d like to pik all these values and simplify them to have only 4 different output radius. For example null radius (so not circle at all), small radius, medium radius, big radius.

Also I need to invert the current general output, i mean where now there are big cirles make them small and where now there are circles with small radius to make it big (probably the stupid way is to invert the colour image in photoshop but, id like to learn how to do it in grasshopper)

I think that the opereation should be done where i wrote ADD HERE but I don’t know how to do it.

Thanks for the support

This is how I handle it.

If you are interested in a plug-in solution you could use Pufferfish’s “Round to Nearest” component with remapping option so you round the color value to the remapped nearest desired radius and you wont have to deal with domain dividing.

Pattern_Round to (13.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot. I managed to do using Pufferfish. I’ve tried also Stratosfear method which I’m most interested in, but I was unable to do it proprierly, can you please upload the .gh file? (461.7 KB)


Here’s my file I’m still using Rhino 5. Perf with set hole sizes (12.0 MB)

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