How to control the first and lart rectangle of created profiles


I have built some wave profiles from a curve that changes like a wave through a line that I have divided.

I’m at a point, where I want to have control of the starting rectangle and the last rectangle of every profile in the XZ plane. I want to align the starting rectangle with the edge of the ceiling and I want to do the same thing in the other direction.

wave_profiles (1).gh (18.7 KB) wave_profiles.3dm (4.3 MB)

@elios.kovaci, if all your Rectangles are generated through Grasshopper and are properly structured in Data, you can use the Component “List Item” and select the First and Last rectangle from the list of rectangles. Like this:

Here is the updated Script: wave_profiles Modified (22.1 KB)

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That is very helpful, I also want to align all the bottom edges (or the polygon center) of every rectangle with a line in XY plane.

Are you talking about the Red Box rectangles or the Blue Box?

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I want both of them (red box list and blue box list) to be aligned, possibly with a line and the wave effect to happen only in-between the loft-ed profile.

You can do it something like this:

Although the whole script can be done in different way to optimise all of that, but I dont want to change your logic approach.
So just added the additional feature required
wave_profiles Modified (30.7 KB) wave_profilesModified SU.3dm (4.3 MB)

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Thank you very much for the input! The idea is clear. My only concern is that on the upper part I can’t find a way to align the rectangle on the Z vector. Somehow to loft appears rotated at the end like this:

meanwhile, the bottom elements are aligned like this:

ps: if possible can you save in rhino5! thank you again wave_profiles Modified SU (1).gh (30.0 KB)

Something like this?[wave_profiles Modified SU (1)|attachment]
I hope you are able to open the gh file, I only noticed the rhino 5 request.
(upload:// (34.1 KB)

edit: this is for controlling the direction of the profile at the top.