How to control the angle of folded diamonds?


first of all thank you for your time and help in advance!

I am working on a facade study.
As you see i oriented folded diamond objects on a surface.

I can change the size and angle of the diamond reference.
Now I would like to have a range of the angle, from flat diamond to a folded diamond.

For example, in the middle of the surface it should have the max. angle and at the beginning and end of the surface the diamond should be flat…

How can i achieve this? It would be great to paint the surface and according to the color the angle will change… That´s the theory but how can i do this? :wink:

Thanks a lot!
Best Jakob

211127 - (18.0 KB)
Curves.3dm (38.8 KB)

211127 - (26.9 KB)

to “paint” you can make a wb picture in photoshop, and use image sampler.
edit: and a little bit more precise version, for facades with curvature, like yours
211127 - (23.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot, that´s what i was looking for!!!
Many thanks for your time!
Chears Jakob

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Check this as well…This is a try using Lunchbox plugin’s Diamond Panels. (19.7 KB)


Hi Kim,
cool stuff!!! Thanks a lot for your help, looks great! :ok_hand:

Best Jakob