How to control shadows in V-Ray 3?

As far as I can tell, I can either click them on or off - no other controls (falloff, color, etc.)
What am I missing here?

Can you explain more what do you wanna to control exactly ? control shadows depend on what are using like v-ray sun light or rhino sun , v-ray dome light …

We removed those option from V-Ray 3.4. Most of them were not photo realistic option. However we add a new material call Override Material, that allows you to override the GI, reflection, refraction and Shadow for any material/object|+MtlOverride

Thanks for the reply. I will try the override material.
I worry about this drive to ‘photo realism’. Photo real is only one aesthetic choice and should not be considered the only option. In fact, I find a lot of my clients are getting bored with photo real - when I show them something more stylized they respond a bit better. Photo real they’ve seen again and again and again.

Strange, looks like chaos group determinate what the user base should be able to do and what not. Also my impression is that this counts for some plugins only. Users of 3dsmax get the full version and the full freedom to do what they want. Could we not talk about UI modes like at 3dsmax - basic, advanced and expert? Feel so third class at VfR/VfSU - from plugin development power until UI decisions.

Agreed. I’m not all that pleased with V3. It was supposed to be ‘streamlined’ but it feels clunky, not well thought out and limited compared to V2.

For my part, I find 3.4 has allowed me to get my work done quite a bit faster.
The default settings are good, the material library is excellent…
There’s a few annoyances to get rid of but a good improvement overall.