How to control 'instances' of geometry and stop parameters looping? Clear all variables equivalent?

Hi - sorry wasn’t able to find this question elsewhere.

We are using Rhino Inside for the first time to build Revit components from Rhino and am trying to understand how we should treat the Revit elements in Rhino when we modify them - it seems like the Revit input is ‘looping back’ into the GH tools.

We are using manual updates of the solver/ Recompute to manage loading times and stop our computers struggling too much.

For instance - I have a command where we are adjusting the cross section rotation of a column element, using the following flow:

→ (INSTANCE 1) Create a Revit Element on a centreline geometry (Add Column)
→ Bring this back as a Brep in Rhino (PartGeom) and establish the original rotation compared to some datum.
→ Find the required angle to adjust the cross-section rotation
→ (INSTANCE 2) Set this parameter on the column (SetPara) as an absolute value

I am finding that when we inspect the original (INSTANCE 1) parameter this is already loaded up with the cross-section rotation - so the GH script then calculates this, finds that now the ‘correction’ angle needs to be zero and sets this as an absolute value when you recompute the solver - putting the column back where it was before I started! This means I can check something works and then it is wrong again when you close and reopen the model file!

I can see why this would happen as (helpfully) the RhinoInside component is reading the element properties from Revit - but is there a technique I can use to avoid this, like the equivalent of a ‘clear()’ command in Python that wipes the local memory? Or to be able to inspect the ‘preview’ of the original element at ‘INSTANCE 1’ but without this being created fully in Revit, so there’s nothing to overwrite?

This is interesting. Would you mind sharing example files that cause this loop?