How to control Commersial and Student licenses together in Zoo?

I have a customer (a university) that needs to have their one commercial license checked out by a specific machine, but they can not find a way to control this in a good manner. Is it possible to control what license is checked out?


Individual student licenses aren’t supported in the Zoo. So they have one or more lab licenses plus a commercial license? Hmm, I guess the only way to guarantee that a specific license is used by a specific machine is to install the license locally…


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Thanks Mitch, that’s what I thought. Or use a dual Zoo setup to checkout the one license.

They have a single commercial license and a lab license so Zoo supports them both.

Can @dale or any other Zoo masters please verify Mitch’s hunch?

Yeah, but I’m not sure multiple Zoo’s are allowed - the person to ask here is @dale


Thanks, yeah I don’t know either.

You can have multiple Zoos on the same network, but a Rhino workstation can only be configured for one. I don’t see how that would help here.

There is no way to direct a workstation to a specific license in a Zoo.
As Mitch suggests, the easiest option for this example is to use the EDU Lab license in the Zoo and install the stand-alone license on the teacher’s workstation.

They would qualify for EDU pricing for the single license and would not need to use a commercial license.

Hi John, thanks for helping out.
So what you say is that they are more than welcome to use the edu license for pure commercial use?
As that is the case here. Right now they only need one license for commercial use while the other licenses are for educational use, but they might need more commercial licenses down the road, so they want the licenses stored on a server to make handling all of them easier.

How the Rhino will be used is not what the EDU pricing proof is about.
If the purchaser meets the qualifications for proof of EDU status (currently a student enrolled in an accredited program or a faculty member), then they qualify for the pricing and can use their Rhino license as they wish.

Greatness, thanks for clearing that up.
I presumed you had limitations like most others, but then again, you are not like most other developers :slight_smile:
And just for the record, as specified here : “These licenses can only be run on computers owned by the school.” only applies to the LAB licenses and not the edu licenses, right?

Correct. EDU Lab licenses run on computers owned by the school, and EDU single user licenses on a computer owned by the owner of the license.

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