How to continue this model?

(Alex) #1

Hi guys,
I’m working on an another rim model. I think this model would be very beautiful if I could do everything right.
I progressed a bit but I need help about how to continue the modeling process. I need the transition which I have marked on the image below. Please guide me.

Help.rar (876.1 KB)
A.3dm (883.1 KB)

(David Cockey) #2

Is there a reason you uploaded a .rar file and not a .3dm file?

(Alex) #3

The reason is that I wanted to include reference image too. Can you help me?

(Alex) #4

Please help!!!


Couldn’t open the rar file, but something like this?
Using Networksrf
Networksrf_RIM.3dm (244.7 KB)


Have you Googled any similar examples?


(Alex) #7

I attached .3dm separately. Please have a look at it.


I’ve added a new layer and in blue.
Used networksrf to create the surface.
Maybe you can also use others, like loft and blendsrf.

A_withNetworksrf.3dm (722.5 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #9

Hi Alex - there is more work to do but I guess I’d construct this something like in the attached file.

A (1)_PG.3dm (513.8 KB)