How to construct nurb surface out of lines

I used grasshopper kangaroo relaxation and got the resulting mesh, however I need a nurb surface in rhino for CNC fabrication. So I pluged in lines for geometry in kangaroo instead of mesh and got the resulting lines, but how do I get a surface from this lines? I tries MeshtoNurbs in Rhino to covert the mesh surface to a nurb surface but the result was of planar surfaces, losing the original curvy features. I have attached the output line document as “lines” and the mesh named “cnc”

<a class=“attachment” cnc.3dm (8.9 MB) .

lines.3dm (1.2 MB)

MeshToNURB? Why do you need lines?

MeshToNurb result I tried in the “cnc” file did not maintain the overall smooth surface, instead each surface was turned planar. So I was just wondering whether I can construct a surface using lines from the mesh but lines got out from kangaroo were all straight lines so I won’t get a overall smooth surface anyway.

Maybe try to run a Patch surface through your set of lines to create a “smooth” surface? You can play with the Patch settings to find a compromise between smoothing and accuracy.

Edit: actually, just looked at your “lines” file. I don’t know how you are planning to mill that thing, but if it’s 3 axis, you will have to split it into several parts anyway. In that case you might be able to patch the separate parts (no guarantee on how the edges will match up though. Even with 5 axis there will be problems holding the part.

That type of shape is impossible to do as one single NURBS surface. I’m wondering if you can redo the definition in GH to get a finer mesh, then I would try to mill directly on the mesh. You still will need to split it into several parts IMO.