How to Constrain Voronoi Multipipe on Srf?

Hello All,
Finally inspired to explore Grasshopper after years of using Rhino. This seems to be producing nearly exactly my goal. My question is how to confine the Voronoi pattern to the 3D Srf?
Thanks so much for your time to reply.

it might be easier to use Voronoi 3D and find the intersection between the Voronoi_3D cells and your surface, then build the multipipe based on those curves (one thing to take into account: whatever method you use, those curves -that generate the Multipipe- will be duplicated almost everywhere, because you have one boundary for each cell) (51.3 KB)

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Thank you I will try this!!

This sort of works but instead of a continuous multipipe I’m getting multiple pipes. I note your connections in and out of multipipe appear severed. Is this what is wrong with mine?

the wires being severed depend on this setting being active: they will have a different look depending on the data they carry around

this was the same as using Facet Dome: cells are generated, and the output data are the curve which define the boundary of each cell

one solution to avoid duplicate pipes might be to explode them and filter them based on their central point (violet group) (55.1 KB)

Looks good, but the result of the pipe is a single radius, it doesn’t have variable radius. like you see on the picture

RemoveDuplicateLines in Kangaroo2 and Topologiser from the Mesh Tab are useful tools for this type of work.