How to conserve surface to mesh unwrap UV mapping?

I’m making a surface to mesh converter using awesome Grasshopper.
But I’m losing my surface UV mapping.
How to conserve the surface the unwrap UV mapping in the conversion workflow?
Or where I’m losing the UV mapping? Looks like a new unwrap is done in the process.

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hi @AlanMattano

If your surface is untrimmed then you can control the uv mappping by using either lunchbox and mesh/uv or just mesh/uv.

Otherwise in such a case where i wanted specific mesh/uv geometry i would do something like contour the breps and loft ploylines using mesh+

Where there is curvature in the surface and you are feeding it through mesh-brep, there is some amount of approximation regarding the mesh edges (unless you match the edge distance to the uv parameters). other wise you can panelise the untrimed surface and then use mesh-brep and then create ngons or quads etc… hope this helps