How to connect WbCatmullclark to Curve?

I am trying to project ‘vonoroi’ on to a mesh surface I have two separate scripts but am struggling to convert a mesh into a surface for the second part of the script to work.

If anyone has any tips that would be much appreciated!

Here is the script: (27.6 KB)

You dont have curves internalized in your definition and I can not really understand what you want to archieve. Maybe a screenshot or a quick sketch would help.

Hello Baris,
Thank you for replying my post. What I am trying to achieve is to merge to scripts together.

The first script creates my base geometry which is this one. It currently doesn’t have any textures on it and is only a smooth surface. However I want to apply the textures from delaunay mesh in the second script onto this mesh/geometry of this object rather than a flat surface created from a curve which was used in the second script:

first (24.2 KB)

The second script is a mesh texture with dipped surfaces which is this one:

second (11.7 KB)

The second script creates the mesh frame and texture I want to incorporate onto the base geometry. I derived the second script from a tutorial but I need to alter it. The second script starts with creating a curve and a surface however, my first script does not contain a surface but a mesh hence to apply the second script onto the first script is a challenge.

So the problem I am having is connecting the first script to the second script because it looks like I can’t replace the ‘curve’ component in the second script with the final mesh output on the first script.

I hope this is more clear if it isn’t I’d be glad to clarify further.

Thank you