How to connect lines in the right way

Hey guys,
I am really new to Grasshopper and I can’t handle all the list operations and path mapper yet. I would like to build a pavillion like in the first picture. The second picture shows what I have reached so far. I am sure my definition is not the most elegant way to solve the problem. Maybe someone can help me.
Pavillion_howitshouldbe (37.8 KB)

Hey !

Something like this? (17.9 KB) (15.5 KB)

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Oooh, thank you very much for your quick reply!! Thats exactly what I tried to do! Both solutions look really interesting.

I would like to get the lenght of every single segment. It works well with nearly all of the curves but I can’t get the segments of the horizontal ones, coming out of the shatter component. Do you have an idea how I can do that?

Needed to shatter after the divides curves !
Red group in the following file :slight_smile: (20.2 KB)

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Great, thank you very much!