How to completely remove All Rhino versions and files?

I have not been able to solve the problem in this discussion.

At this point I’d like to completely uninstall all Rhino versions and system files on this machine. It seems just uninstalling WIP7 and reinstalling is not the answer if my customizations are responsible. It seems starting from scratch might be the answer.

One more thing before you uninstall - if you click where those file names are supposed to be in that panel, does anything happen? Does it show the finger cursor when you hover in that area? And open the file if you click?


Yes it does. And the template info appears in the right hand yellow area. However, it seems the hand/finger icon cannot select what is invisible even though the template is obviously there.

after unistalling I would suggest a registry clean app like Ccleaner, IobitUnistaller, WiseRegistry Cleaner etc.

Not forgetting to make a backup of registry before doing so of course (: