How to complete the following custom fillet?

(Alex) #1

Hi friends,
An another self-teaching. I want to fillet the following shape but manual cleaning fails and cannot be trimmed.
Where is my fault?
Please guide me.
Untitled.3dm (366.3 KB)

(Brian James) #2

The trim fails when the base fillet B crosses over the edge of the existing edge fillet A like this…

It looks like you added some handles at different radii so I’d just adjust it to something like this making sure to have smaller radius handles as you reach the trouble spot.

I think your largest radius can only be around .8 at the end. If you need a larger soft transition, I’d trim out an area to each side of the edge and use BlendSrf with added shapes or make all the cross section curves with BlendCrv>to edge and use NetworkSrf.

(Diego Krause) #3

Hello Alex you can use the FilletSrf Command to secuentially solve each fillet