How to compare two results and reroute accordingly?

Hi, I can’t help feeling there’s a better way of doing this. I’m starting with 2 collections of surfaces. I want to compare the total area of each group and then reroute based on this - so whichever is smaller I’ll treat as a road for the rest of the script, and the large collection must be grass.

I’m assuming there’s a better way than using the two filter gates?

Hi @Derek4,

what about something like this?

Compare (10.7 KB)

Maybe the best way to compare different workflows is to use the Profiler to compare the time it takes to solve them. In my case the surfaces that I used are very simple, so the Profiler is not really reporting anything :sweat_smile:.

Thanks, that looks good. I just couldn’t help feeling that there’d be a node like Filter Gate that would somehow pass out both groups in a set order based on the gate. I suppose Dispatch might do it too if I combine into a single group like your example.