How to Combine Points and Lines Feature in TriRemesh?

  1. Use lines only, the mesh is OK. The mesh vertices on the nude edges also match the original points on surface edges, which is a requirement for the mesh.

  2. Use points only, I use @DanielPiker 's script to make the mesh. But I have to add original points on surface edges as feature points, otherwise the mesh vertices on the nude edges DO NOT match the original points on surface edges.

  3. How to Combining Points and Lines Feature? (62.9 KB)

@DanielPiker Any chance to solve the issue?

Hi @netsonicyxf
Sorry, with all your other threads on this I lost track of this one.

Is this what you are after?
Just put the lines and points into the Features input and flatten. (57.6 KB)

Ah, just spotted I forgot to connect that lower Merge component to the Features input. Connect that and it will also include those points on the left edge

Thanks Daniel,

The feature points have two parts

  1. Existing vertices on the surface edges
  2. The additional points on the edge

The created mesh vertice do not match the additional points on the edge

I have to use you script to make the mesh vertices to match the additional points on the edge.
But I don’t know how to combine line feature in this case.

Hello @DanielPiker ,

Sorry for piggybacking on this post…I recently started experimenting with TriRemesh and everytime I connect points to the feature input I get the following error:

“1. Invalid cast: Point » GeometryBase”

I then downloaded the script on this post “”, which from the screenshots seems to be working, to make sure I was doing everything alright. Nevertheless, when opened on my machine I got the same error…

When I only use curves in the feature input everything works fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @Niccolo

It works fine for me. Do you have the last version of Triremesh component? I had the same problem months ago and it was caused due to a bug which was fixed in the latest versions of the component. Try to upload Rhino.

Regards! I didn’t understand your problem. I think this may help you.

@bbalbastre Yes, apparently my version of Rhino was quite old. With the latest release everything was fixed :slight_smile: